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Our Services

CAD Design

  • Product Design

        - From concept to reality to production, we can help bring your ideas to life

        - Professional experience in all forms of manufacturing (welding, tube processing, metal forming, molding 

          laser/waterjet/plasma, etc...) allows us to help you efficiently bring a new product to market.

  • Automotive Design

         - From simple bracketry to complete vehicles, we have the experience to design your next race winning vehicle.

         - Experience in some of the most difficult off-road races in the country allow us to apply real-world knowledge and

           practicality to your build.  

         - From function to regular maintenance, we strive to build useable components and vehicles that are as easy to work

           on as they are to drive.

  • Reverse Engineering

         - Need to manufacture a part that already exists but is out of stock or discontinued? Need to modify an existing

           component to fit your application?  Reverse engineering is the solution. 

         - 3D scanning and advanced metrology allow us to accurately create a CAD model to be used in design or for



  • CNC Plasma Cutting

        - 5'x10' Plasmacam table paired with a Hypertherm Powermax 85

        - Ability to cut up to 1 1/4" thick steel, 1" thick stainless, and 1" thick aluminum

        - From one sign to a massive production run, we can take care of your metal cutting needs.    

  • CNC Milling

         - Tormach PCNC 1100 CNC Mill

         - From prototype parts to production runs, we use advanced machining techniques to produce parts quickly and


  • Welding

         - Over a decade of welding experience in all processes allow us to tackle any project professionally, safely, and efficiently.

         - MIG, TIG, and Stick welding available in house and on site mobile stick welding. 

         - From structural applications to pressure vessels and pipe welding, we can provide a solution.                                    

Race Prep/Maintanence

  • Off-Road Race Prep

        - With a background in off-road racing, we're happy to share what has been a major part of our success on the track 

        - Extensive race prep includes comprehensive inspection on ALL critical fasteners with bolt marking 

        - All fluids and checked/topped off with customer's desired lubricants and coolants.

        - Electrical connections inspected and repaired if necessary

        - All bearings/bushings/balljoints inspected 

        - Non destructive testing available for critical components suspected of pre-mature failure.      

  • Normal Off-Road Maintenance

         - Oil changes

         - Accessory installation

         - Axle replacement

         - Tune ups    


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